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Antonios Gasparis

Stony Brook,
New York

Course Director

LabropoulosNicos new

Nicos Labropoulos

Stony Brook,
New York

Course Director



New Jersey

Co-Course Director




Co-Course Director


Peter J.

Basking Ridge,
New Jersey

Co-Course Director

Apostolos Tassiopoulos

Apostolos Tassiopoulos

Stony Brook,
New York

Co-Course Director

Venous Education

Saphenous Trunk Varicosities

01 January 2018

Saphenous Trunk Varicosities Physical Examination Both lower limbs were...

AAGSV Reflux

01 December 2017

Symptomatic Anterior Accessory Great Saphenous Vein (AAGSV) Reflux ...

Symptomatic CVD Without Varicose Veins

02 November 2017

A 39 years old female patient, presented with...

Klippel – Trenaunay Syndrome

12 December 2016

46 year-old male with past medical history of...

Bilateral Ovarian Vein Thrombosis

03 November 2016

A 35 year old G4P4 female presented with...

Post-Procedure GSV Thrombophlebitis

30 September 2016

A 21year-old healthy female presented with symptomatic varicose...

Dr. Gasparis talks IVC filters, retrievals, and protocols for follow-up care

16 August 2016

We recently reached out to Dr. Antonios Gasparis,...

Leg Ulcer W/ Multiple Sources Of Reflux

16 March 2016

A 50 year old male with long-standing bilateral...

Post-procedure Thrombophlebitis

25 February 2016

A 46 year old female presented with...

Residual and Recurrent Varicose Veins

22 January 2016

Female patient, 57 years old presented with symptomatic...

Right Foot Mass

16 December 2015

A 33 year old female with long-standing history...

Progressive Worsening of Calf Swelling

19 November 2015

A 33 year old female with history of...

Right Ovarian Thrombosis

30 October 2015

43 Year old female. Presented with abdominal pain...


16 October 2015

65 Year old male with a history of...

Segmental GSV reflux

10 October 2015

A 43 year old female presented with right...

Primary and Secondary Reflux

16 September 2015

Female 53 years old with varicose veins for...

Evaluation of a patient with lower extremity swelling

15 September 2015

67 yo female presented with 1-year history of...

GSV reflux with aneurysmal segment and perforator reflux

10 March 2015

Patient is a 54 year old male with...


07 May 2014

A 63 year old male with long-standing CVI...

Male 46y/o, Recent Edema, Knee Effusion and POP

06 May 2014

— Male 46 years old.— Pain started a...

Acute CV and BSV Thrombosis

05 May 2014

— Female 39 years old— Stroke 2006 of...


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